Appointment & Directions

What should I bring to my first appointment?

If you have a printer, then it will help us quickly understand your situation if you complete the Bankruptcy Worksheet, which you can load by clicking this link.  This document is in PDF format and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Many of our clients cannot bring all of the items listed below to the first appointment and we can still help them understand the bankruptcy process, the advantages and disadvantages of filing bankruptcy under each chapter.  However, the more information we have, the more accurate we can be in informing our clients what will happen in their particular situation.  The most important items to bring if you can are the list of debts, the pay stubs or payroll run, and the loan documents on loans with collateral, such as auto loans.  The full list is:

  • A list all your debts, even if you want to keep paying that creditor.  The data sheet linked below have forms to make your list, but if you have your debts in a spreadsheet or other form, that will be fine.
  • Copies of recent pay stubs, L.E.S., etc for the last seven months.  If you do not keep your pay stubs, your employer should be able to print a pay roll run for you. If you are self employed, then we will ultimately need an income and expense sheet for each of the months for the past 7 months (with the final month being the partial month on the date of your appointment.
  • If you operate a business, then it will help if you can provide copies of profit and loss statements showing income and expenses over the past seven months.
  • Any paperwork related to anything you have specific questions that need answering.
  • Any garnishments, bank levies, notices of default, or foreclosure notices, lawsuits, judgments, etc.
  • Copies of documents related to your secured loans (i.e. loans with collateral that can be repossessed if the loan is not paid)
  • Copies of your last two tax returns if you have them.

Please complete and bring the appropriate worksheet with you to our meeting. The release on the worksheet giving Gambrell & Associates, PLLC. the authority to obtain information about your loans does not need to be signed unless you are sure you want to proceed.

Driving Directions to Oxford Office

Please note that some of the internet maps have our office on the wrong side of Ricky D Britt Sr Blvd and some have the building on the Chandler Nissan Dealership property.   Chandler Nissan dealership located at 479 Hwy 6 West,  Oxford,  MS and the building where our office is on the left side of Ricky D Britt Sr Blvd behind the Chandler Nissan property.

with Yahoo Maps:  101 Ricky D Britt Sr Blvd

with Google Maps:  101 Ricky D Britt Sr Blvd

Driving Directions to Hernando Office

with Yahoo Maps:  2170 Hwy 51 S

with Google Maps:  2170 Hwy 51 S