How quickly can I file a bankruptcy case?

How long will it take to file Bankruptcy or how quickly can I stop a garnishment?

Provided you have completed your credit counseling session, we can file a bankruptcy on your initial visit with our office by filing an Emergency Bankruptcy Petition.  Immediately, we will fax notice to your employer to stop the Tax Levy or Garnishment.  If your pay period has already ended for your next pay check, then you may have one more check garnished.   The rest of the documents that must be filed will take around two weeks to complete and must be completed  timely so your case will not be dismissed.

At that first appointment, we will go over your assets to make sure that you will not lose anything that you want to keep if you file bankruptcy.  We will also try to help you determine if a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 case will be the most helpful to you and help you determine if you qualify for a chapter 7 and how much your plan payment will be if you file a chapter 13 case.  Once we have covered all of these things, we can file the emergency petition to stop a foreclosure, a garnishment or and IRS levy if that is what you need.

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