How can I find a good bankruptcy attorney?

What factors should I use to choose a bankruptcy attorney?

Bankruptcy is a highly technical field. You should consider an attorney who specializes in bankruptcy and who has filed numerous bankruptcies. You will be spending a lot of time with this attorney, so be sure that you communicate well and like one another. Most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free, initial consultation where you can meet one another without obligation. Find out how the attorney’s office works  whether they handle a very high volume of cases and you will primarily be dealing with a paralegal, or whether you can expect most of your contact to be with the attorney; or somewhere in between.

At our office, the attorney personally handles each case. Your case will also be assigned to a paralegal who will handle administrative and routine matters, but all of the legal issues, including your questions on the law, will be personally handled by an attorney. All calls are returned that business day, if possible.  If we cannot return the call that quickly, our clients always have the option of scheduling a telephone appointment time so you can call and talk to the attorney or paralegal about your questions.  Our goal is to treat our clients like we would like to be treated.  Making our attorneys and staff available to answer your questions promptly is our primary goal.

Robert Gambrell is one of only three consumer bankruptcy attorney in Mississippi that have been selected as a super lawyer by Mid-South super lawyers.  Superlawyers.Com selects the top 5% of attorneys in each state as Super Lawyers.  Also, LeAnne Abbott practice for the last 16 years has been almost exclusively bankruptcy.  Because of her expertise, she has been an adjunct teacher of Bankruptcy Law for the University of Mississippi paralegal studies program.  Bridgette Davis, our newest attorney, focused on Bankruptcy Law throughout law school taking every bankruptcy course made available at the University of Mississippi Law School and she has worked solely on bankruptcy cases since she graduated.

There are other attorneys in North Mississippi that are very qualified to help you, but you will know that you have selected a highly qualified attorney with the qualifications of Mr. Gambrell, Ms. Abbott and Ms. Davis.