Why am I required to complete Credit Counseling?

Pre-filing bankruptcy certification:

The amendments to the Bankruptcy Code added a requirement for all individuals that file a bankruptcy case must go through a pre-bankruptcy credit counseling session.  Many people assume that the credit counseling will be a long, drawn out course that takes several days or weeks.  However, the session generally lasts approximately one hour and can take less time than that.  The session can be completed by telephone or by internet with any one of numerous credit counseling agencies that have been approved to offer the pre-filing credit counseling course.  The primary reason for the pre-filing session is to make sure that everyone that files a bankruptcy case knows that there are other options that they may want to consider before making the final decision to file.  The costs varies, but many companies charge $10.00 or less when the certification is performed via the internet.

After filing or pre-discharge bankruptcy education (sometimes called a Financial Management Course).

The bankruptcy education  must be completed before an individual is entitled to receive a discharge in a chapter 7 and in a chapter 13 case.  The course generally takes about 2 hours and as in the pre-filing course, it can be completed by telephone or by internet.

Our staff will help you determine wheter you would like to take each course by internet or by telephone and if you want to take it by internet.  If you do not have internet access, you can use a computer that we have set up especially for our clients.

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